Tax credits and spending cuts are some of the major political parties’ top priorities for dealing with the economy, according to a release yesterday from the Halifax Chamber of Commerce.

The Liberals, NDP and Progressive Conservatives each responded to a questionnaire sent out to them by the Chamber, explaining their stance on six local economic issues.

When asked to rank four policy options for dealing with falling provincial revenues, both the Tories and NDP chose cuts to “departmental spending” as their primary strategy. The NDP said these cuts would include shrinking the provincial cabinet from 18 ministers to 12.


The Liberals opted for a fifth option, saying they would “create economic growth and grow the tax base.”

On the topic of economic stimulus, both the Liberals and NDP promised major tax cuts aimed at small business and the home construction industry, respectively. The Liberals also said they would introduce micro-credit loans for small businesses looking to grow.

The Tories pledged to put $1.9 billion into infrastructure and “green energy projects” across the province.

The other issues in the questionnaire were each party’s stance on provincial debt levels, their strategies for controlling healthcare costs, their proposed changes to the tax system, and whether each party would support an “amalgamated transportation authority” for Halifax.

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