It’s become a last-minute scramble for the three major political parties to finalize their list of 52 candidates for the upcoming June 9 provincial election.

With an uncertain date around when the spring election would take place, or even if one would, the Progressive Conservatives, NDP and Liberals each still have to nominate several candidates around the province. The NDP has three ridings to fill, the Tories four, while the Liberals have candidates chosen in 43 of the province’s 52 seats.

“I think you’ll see them filling up pretty fast,” said Glennie Langille, the communications co-chair for the Liberal campaign, who estimated her party would have all spots filled in the next few days. “Some people, for completely practical reasons, they need to make that final decision (on whether to run) once the writ has been dropped.”


The Tories have filled all of their ridings in the Halifax Regional Municipality, as have the NDP. The Liberals have three spots to fill in HRM (Halifax Needham, Halifax Fairview and Cole Harbour Eastern Shore).

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