A design contest is underway for the chance to redevelop the City Centre Airport and has caught the attention of Sweco, a Swedish architectural firm partnering with Edmonton’s Architecture Arndt Tkalcic Bengert.

The partnership is in the process of pitching its concept to the city in the hopes of winning the bid.

Ulf Ranhagen, chief architect of the project, stressed the importance of sustainability and reducing ecological impact.

Although the designs were not present to preserve proprietorship, it was disclosed they will encompass elements of energy conservation and alternative travel options, such as an LRT connection.

“This is a tremendous window of opportunity,” said Ranhagen. “We can amalgamate the city centre and neighbourhood together, to create a site with a very strong identity.”

With a multitude of successful sustainable developments already established, Sweco is confident its designs will form a world-class sustainable development.

The City Centre Airport has been a hot topic for discussion recently as the City of Edmonton decides what developments would be beneficial for the municipality as a whole.

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