A small group of people are vowing to “save the party” by reminding partiers about being responsible in the city’s major nightlife centres.

The group called Responsible Hospitality Edmonton says recent violence, vandalism and disruptive acts initiated by a few bad apples are giving those who party on Whyte Avenue and Jasper Avenue a bad reputation.

“For the most part, both are safe places now and what we want to do is remind and enhance people’s choices about their behaviours,” said Cindy Davies with Responsible Hospitality Edmonton.


A small group will be on Whyte Avenue Friday night and Jasper Avenue Saturday night handing out T-shirts, buttons, stickers and hot chocolate to remind people about the “growing threat to Edmonton’s parties,” said Davies.

Whyte and Jasper avenue revelers will also be encouraged to sign an online petition asking people to be responsible of their own behaviours.

“This is one step of making people more aware of their actions,” said Davies.

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