photos by enza supermodel


Liberty Group president Nick Di Donato and wife Nadia welcome Canada’s first prime minister, Sir John A. MacDonald, to his birthday celebrations.

Actors Sylvie Moreau and David Foley host Canada’s Top Ten film honouree gathering for the Toronto International Film Festival Group at Revival Club.

Restaurant owner Ed Ho, left, and executive chef Mark Cutrara celebrate their new venue, Globe Bistro, on the Danforth.

Bell Canada’ s Renato Discenza, centre, with athletes Deidra Dionne and Andrew Godbout at the Bell Canada sponsorship gathering for Team Canada Winter Olympic 2010 athletes.

Co-producers Ryan Lapidus, left, and Shaun Proulx mark their foray into filmmaking with their first production of DecAIDS at the Dominion Club.

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