Transit riders who held on to their December bus passes will be getting a free ride until the end of March.

Express and Ecopass members won’t be paying for their tickets until the end of April.

People who bought passes for December are still eligible for a full refund until Feb. 15, but transit services director Alain Mercier said that the greater value is to hold on to the pass.

“Essentially, someone who purchased a pass in December got nine days of service that they used,” said Mercier. “In compensation following the strike, they will receive a total of 43 days of free transportation for their pass.”

Mercier said December express pass holders would be entitled to 73 days of additional transportation.

Ecopass holders had their payroll deductions suspended in mid-January. Mercier said they would instruct employers to defer payroll deductions until the end of April.

Day passes have been also reduced to $5 during the month of February.