“It was like a Twilight Zone episode,” one passenger said of a harrowing bus ride that resulted in a crash near Buffalo that left 40 people stranded for seven hours on Sunday.

Police in New York State said the driver of the Megabus coach apparently nodded off at the wheel. Travelling between New York City and Toronto, the bus slid off Interstate 90 in LeRoy, a suburb of Buffalo, about 7:15 a.m. It stayed upright, and one person had a minor injury.

“Right as we pulled out of the Lincoln Tunnel, lights began flashing on the dashboard, and bells and buzzers were going off every 10 seconds,” said passenger Art Rees, who was on his way home to Syracuse and got off before the bus crashed.

It took nine hours to make the usual four-hour trip to his hometown, said Rees. Part of the delay was due to a snowstorm, but Rees said problems continued after passing the blizzard.

The windshield was often fogged up, he said, and a passenger who came up to show the driver how to clear the window was asked to go outside to break ice off the windshield wipers.

More than once, said Rees, the bus hit the noisy rumble strip that indicates a vehicle is veering off the paved highway.

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