Police officers yesterday charged a man with sexually assaulting a child after a frightening incident that could have been more serious if not for the intervention of neighbours, police said.

Police released details of the assault of a five-year-old girl who was lured to a community centre after a man shooed away her two friends who were playing in the grassy courtyard of a townhouse complex in Ogden on Monday night.

Staff Sgt. Leah Barber of the child abuse unit said a man lifted the young girl up to the window of the community centre, removed her underwear and then lifted her dress.

She said he may have then taken a picture with a camera or cellphone, but police are still investigating.

“He asked if the community centre was open, then he lifted her up to look in the window,” Barber said, noting she’s not sure what would have happened had a Good Samaritan not chased the man away.
Hector Santos, 37, of Calgary is facing several charges.

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