An Edmonton liquor store clerk, faced with being robbed for the second time this week, took matters into her own hands and helped take down the alleged bandit with some help from passersby.

On Tuesday, a man entered a liquor store at 118 Avenue and 103 Street and allegedly made an attempt to rob it, but was chased out by the unnamed clerk and an untold number of citizens.

The suspect was chased and cornered in a building at 119 Avenue and 105 Street by the crowd, and police arrested him from there.


"It was a good catch by the employee and the citizens that arrested him," said Edmonton Police Service Staff Sgt. Howard Kunce, who couched his praise with remembering the danger of confronting robbers in this manner. "In the interest of public safety, we would never suggest this to anyone."

Robert Jason Crumley, 32, has been charged with four counts of robbery, one of attempted robbery, four weapons offences, one count of theft under $5,000, and eight counts of breach of recognizance.

The man was being investigated for a crime spree dating back to Aug. 20, which includes
robberies of a liquor store, a gas station, a convenience store and a grocery store.

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