Passive job seekers wanted

Networking has always been used to get jobs.

>> Networking has always been used to get jobs. Somebody knows a friend, family member or colleague who seems perfect for a job and recommends the person for the position.

>> While social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace are commonly used to make friends and share personal information, there’s also job networking on the Internet.

>> One site that specifically uses referrals is a fledgling website called It calls itself Canada’s job referral community and works on a system of cash rewards for job referrals.

>> “We all know someone,” said Vincent Tsang, Bohire’s vice-president of business development. “All we have to do is refer them.” Tsang estimates a $4-billion potential market for recruitment and staffing.

>> Bohire is after the “passive job seeker,” someone who isn’t actively looking for a job. It was listing more than 850 job referrers and more than $187,000 in cash rewards for successful referrals. The Canadian Press

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