Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney may rock it out in Halifax this summer.

Several sources have told Metro Halifax McCartney is close to announcing an outdoor show at the Halifax Common site Saturday, July 11.

One source said the announcement could come within days.


Harold MacKay of Power Promotional Concepts is said to be behind trying to bring McCartney to Halifax, but he was tight-lipped yesterday when approached on the subject.

“I’ve got nothing to say on it,” MacKay said when asked if he could confirm or deny the possibility of the McCartney show.

“No I can’t,” he then followed when asked if he could say if there were negotiations going on with the McCartney camp. “Any discussions with artists always have to remain 100 per cent confidential until something is really done.

“There’s nothing done that I’m aware of.”

In April 2008, MacKay confirmed he was in negotiations with McCartney’s tour director and production manager for a concert in late June or early July of that year. That concert never materialized, however, because MacKay said at the time there wasn’t enough time to put it together.

In trying to lure McCartney to Halifax last year, MacKay took McCartney’s senior tour staff to the Halifax Common site, where the Rolling Stones played to 50,000 fans in September 2006.

If this concert does happen it will be easily one of the biggest acts to ever hit Halifax. It will also make it back-to-back weeks for big outdoor shows at the Common site. Rock legends KISS are also performing at the Halifax Common on Saturday, July 18.