Funnyman Pauly Shore might be famous for his standup comedy, but when asked what audiences can expect at his performance at the Centrepointe Theatre tonight, the actor and comedian gives a straight answer.

“It’s Pauly Shore,” he told Metro. “It’s funny and outrageous. It’s a certain brand of comedy — it’s a good time.”

He’s been doing film for years, but said he’s never left his comic roots. Now 41, he exhibits the same passion for comedy as he did 20 years ago, when he got his start.

In addition to comedy, Shore’s got a mockumentary in the queue. Adopted, which satirizes the phenomenon of celebrity adoptions, is set for theatres this fall.

The film sees Shore “travel to Africa to adopt a kid like Angelina and Madonna,” he said.

“I’m not an expert on adoption, but I learned a lot,” he said. While the film finds the lighter side of a serious subject, the movie did “really well” when it opened in Africa — where it was filmed — earlier this year.

“It shows a different side of Africa that people don’t usually see,” he said.

Also coming up for Shore is a role in an upcoming film produced by Adam Sandler’s company, Born to be a Star — he plays the host of a porn awards show — and a Showtime network special airing this fall, called Pauly Shore and Friends.

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