An independent board of inquiry has ruled that a complaint of
discrimination regarding pay equity can be heard under the Nova Scotia
Human Rights Act.

Valerie Munroe, Janice MacDonald and Debbie Reid claim they are paid
less for work of equal value than male employees of the Truro Police

The Town of Truro sought the preliminary ruling about whether the board
of inquiry has authority to hear a pay equity complaint, and whether
the employees' union, the Police Association of Nova Scotia, should be
added to the complaint.

The decision by chair Kenneth Crawford found that pay equity complaints
have overlapping jurisdiction under the Labour Standards Code, the Pay
Equity Act and the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act. Therefore, the board
of inquiry can hear pay equity complaints referred to it by the Nova
Scotia Human Rights Commission.

This supported a 2008 board decision
that allowed Nova Scotia Human Rights tribunals to hear pay equity

Crawford also found the Town of Truro could not bring the
union into the complaint since the pay equity issue did not appear to
arise from the collective agreement.

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