With a design that feels fresh rather than forced, the model suite at Pears on the Avenue projects a strong sense of vitality.


Designer Alessandro Munge and his team avoided trends and instead focused on traditional beauty in materials and accessories to create a suite that feels contemporary without being formulaic.


“I like when people walk through a suite and it doesn’t look too contrived — it feels achievable. The furniture is modern but not stark modern or trendy, there are classic pieces which will stand the test of time,” Munge said.


Wood plays a key supporting role throughout the suite, providing a familiar sense of comfort and adding texture in places like the den, where a dramatic panelled wall gives weight and depth to the whole room.

“We always find ourselves attracted to natural materials — instead of wall coverings we use wood, what it does is add a warmth of texture. There’s a richness with wood that you can’t replace with paint or wallpaper,” Munge said.

Artwork plays prominently throughout the model unit as Munge brought in local artists and photographers to fill the walls with original works that inspire reflection.

Munge used delicate tones on surfaces and other details to create a sense of softness throughout the rest of the suite that feels invigorating.

“We used a lot of soft beiges and off-whites so everything becomes very airy, very soft, very ethereal and very comfortable.”