After Penny Boudreau's shocking confession Friday of suffocating her daughter Karissa, the town of Bridgewater is trying to move on. But many feel Boudreau's punishment is not harsh enough.


"I was at court on Friday and I‚ve been pretty much in shell-shock since,” said Tracy Daniels, who helped organize a vigil on the one-year anniversary of Karissa's death.


"It was sobbing and gasping, and just utter shock and despair (in the courtroom). Even the media was broken up because of what they had heard.”


Like nearly everyone in Bridgewater, Daniels has been personally affected by the crime, even though she didn't know Karissa.


Boudreau was sentenced to life in prison and will have no chance of parole for at least 15 years. Daniels has been in contact with the family and said they were glad to have the case come to an end.

But many in Bridgewater remain unsatisfied. Some say the parole chance is too early while others have called for capital punishment. Daniels is one of the latter.

"She's going to be taken care of and kept fed and she's going to be warm for the rest of her life,” she said.

"Penny will never get what she deserves by sitting in a jail cell.”