Perdita Felicien


Perdita Felicien, two-time world-champion hurdler and Canadian Olympic athlete; she was recently the guest speaker at the opening of the Nike Runner’s Lounge in Toronto:


Q: What products that you use make you look and feel good?

A: I have to have my Nike Vision shades on to start the day off. The style I wear is called Sera.

Q: Describe your style?

A: I call myself the poster girl for sport-chic. Since I travel so much comfort is important. For footwear, I never leave for the airport or a shopping spree without my Air Max 360’s. They are like walking on air.

Q: How do you keep life in perspective?

A: I have learned there are only some things I can control, there are many more that come into play that I cannot. If I gripe or let it go, the result is the same. I choose to let it go. Letting it go leaves me at peace.

Q: What are your healthy eating habits?

A: I stay away from processed foods. I eat fruits and vegetables daily, making sure to have a variety by using colour as my guide. I drink a minimum of three litres of water daily. I do believe in treating myself one day a week.

richard sibbald

Singer/songwriter George.

George, singer/songwriter, his debut release is called Believe (HC Entertainment/Fontana North):

Q: What products make you look and feel good?

A: The thing that makes me feel good before going out is my cologne. Hugo Boss has a great selection.

Q: Describe your style?

A: Sometimes I feel like dressing prep and other times I feel like dressing urban. I like wearing different styles of clothing. My two older sisters help with my style, so that I don’t look like a fool.

Q: How do you keep life in perspective?

A: I try to remember what’s important in life for me, and keep those who I love close to me … their opinions come from the heart.

Q: What things make life easier?

A: The gym makes my life easier. It’s the place I go when I want to take a break from the world.

Q: How do you stay fit?

A: Staying fit is very important to me. I try to go to the gym four to five days a week, for two hours.