Alberta has been suffering from labour shortages since the economic boom moved into full steam. Businesses and companies offer special perks to sweeten the deal for potential employees.

Some employers are offering flexible days and shifts, work from home options, benefits, laptops, on-site day care and the list go on. Larger companies may offer housing allowances, accommodations, or moving expenses.

The start of the economic boom in Alberta changed the business of recruiting. Connor Raesler, the president of THG Recruitment and Retainment states, “Even these offerings are now changing where companies are making it two- or three-year contracts because so many people are leaving and going home after a year or less. When we are consulting with companies about retaining their greatest assets, their employees, we talk to about 10 key factors why someone would leave a career and make a move.

“Most people agree with us when we say there are nine reasons why employees would leave before their compensation. The retention of employees is more important than recruiting,” Raesler said.

The need for retention of a new employee could explain why companies and businesses throw in the extra perks.

Some perks are a little unusual. Personal improvement bonuses, which can be comprised of free dry-cleaning services, lawn care, snow removal, golf memberships, massages and pet days, are tame examples of perks. Comparatively, there are some companies willing to offer outlandish signing bonuses such as quads or snowmobiles, if the new employee stays for a certain amount of time.

The job market in Alberta requires companies and businesses to stay ahead of the game by offering a competitive edge.

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