Q: Jill, as though finding a job isn’t hard enough, I’d like to get your opinion on companies who post on their websites they’ll get back to you within 24 hours to confirm getting your resumé, but never do. I’ve contacted four large companies and only one has gotten back to me. What should my recourse be and does they fact they have did not back to me mean I’m out of luck or does it mean they didn’t receive it yet?

A: Richard, I can understand your frustration. When you’re looking for a job there are so many doors that just seem to systematically close in your face that it can be difficult when the simplest of your expectations still can’t be met. Usually if a company has an automated response set up for confirming receipt of resumés you’d get that. If you don’t receive it immediately my advice is to get in touch with the human resources department or the web master of the company.


Create a personalized e-mail to the company about your resumé and again follow it up with a phone call.

Under no circumstances do you express your frustrations with them as you’ve always got to remember they’ve got what you want — the job!


Jill's Tip of the Week

  • Always remember to sign off of your computer at work when you are not using it — especially when more than one employee uses it. You would not want to be accused of visiting an inappropriate site if you had not.

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