U.S.-based animal rights organization PETA released a “seal slaughter Olympic logo” yesterday, targeting Canada’s annual seal hunt as the world’s eyes turn to Vancouver and the 2010 Games.

The logo, a parody of Vancouver 2010’s smiling inukshuk emblem, features a snarling Ilanaaq with a hakapik raised over a baby seal and bloodied ice.

Vancouver 2010 is written under the emblem and above Olympic rings, one of which drips blood.

VANOC would not comment on the use of the logo.

Lindsay Rajt, a manager with the People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals, said the Vancouver 2010 Games are being targeted because the “world will soon be turning its attention to Canada” and “Canada’s image now equates with the seal kill.”

She said the logo will appear on pins and billboards at pre-Olympic events around the world.