As general manager J.P Ricciardi’s self-imposed trade deadline approaches, U.S. news outlets are reporting that a proposed deal with the Philadelphia Phillies for ace pitcher Roy Halladay appears unlikely.

The sticking point appears to be the Blue Jays’ asking price for the six-time all-star.

Toronto still wants the Phillies to give up both rookie pitcher J.A. Happ and top prospect Kyle Drabek along with minor-league outfielder Dominic Brown, writes ESPN’s Jayson Stark.

Stark cites league sources in writing that the Phillies have also targeted 2008 Cy Young Award winner Cliff Lee, and that negotiations with Cleveland have heated up since talks with Toronto stalled.

Meanwhile, Ricciardi told, the outlet to which he first revealed his willingness to trade Halladay, that the chances of making such a deal were now “very slim.”

Ricciardi, who has stopped talking to local reporters about the Halladay situation, told Fox he’d still consider moving Halladay for the right offer, even if it came after today’s self-imposed deadline.

“We’ve said that we would listen, but that we would have to be motivated and wowed,” Ricciardi said. “Right now we haven’t been. I’ve said all along my gut tells me I won’t be. I still stand by that.”

Halladay travelled to Seattle with the Jays after Sunday’s win over the Tampa Bay Rays and is scheduled to start against the Mariners tomorrow afternoon.