Courtroom sketch artist Jane Rosenberg is back in the news again for her latest rendition of Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady.

Rosenberg felt the wrath of almost every Tom Brady fan for drawing a version of Brady that resembled some kind of Zombie-like creature.

Her latest sketch of the NFL star definitely looks more like a human being than her first try.

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However, people across the Web are hard to please. While this version looks more human-like than the first, people on social media are saying the rendering looks more like Matt Damon than Tom Brady.

Rosenberg spoke with TMZ and claims she “had very little time” to complete the sketch and it was from a distance. She also told the news site the set up was a “court artist’s nightmare.”

You can never make everyone happy, but we must say her second Brady sketch looks far more pleasing than her first.

Good job. Good effort.

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