Jeanette Paras with her creation, the "Trumpkin"

Jeanette Paras (@ParasPumpkins)/Twitter

Ohio resident Jeanette Paras took 10 hours to paint a caricature of GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump onto a pumpkin weighing 374 pounds, a hobby she has been pursuing with various celebrities since 1988, CNN reported.

"I just 'pumpkinize' whoever is visible in the media over the time," said the Dublin, Ohio, resident to CNN. "[Trump] is just everywhere. ... There were some other characters under consideration, which I can't tell you."

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"[The pumpkin] required six, 38-inch blond wigs," Paras said in a related article to The Columbus Dispatch, which also claimed she spent a lot of time on the hair, flipping it to one side to achieve Trump’s signature look.


The “Trumpkin,” as she called it, is not supposed to be an endorsement, the Dispatch stated.

Paras does not sell her creations, painting them only because she has fun doing it and to bring laughter and delight to the people who see her pumpkins, the CNN report stated, quoting her: "Anything you can do in life that people can enjoy just for a moment is special. It cracks me up so that's why I do it.”

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As the pumpkins have gotten larger, Paras has had to new places to get such big ones, CNN claimed, adding that some local growers have given Paras the pumpkins for free. This one was donated from Dan Kirts’ farm near London, Ohio, the Dispatch reported.

Previous years’ pumpkins included North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Miley Cyrus as a wrecking ball, Phil Robertson from "Duck Dynasty," Lady Gaga, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky and more, CNN added.

Once the Trumpkin begins to rot, "It gets the axe and goes to the curb," Paras said in the Dispatch.

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