new zealand herald, front cover, newspaper, fail, mistake, ryan dunn, guy bogland, gaza The NZ Herald mistakenly used a photo of "Jackass" star Ryan Dunn to illustrate the death of fallen soldier Guy Boyland.
Credit: Newseum

Almost every news organization uses social media to gather information about breaking news stories. When a story breaks, writers, editors and reporters pull images from social media to illustrate the news.

The New Zealand Herald made a terrible mistake of using the wrong image to illustrate the tragic death of Staff Sergeant Guy Boyland – a New Zealand-born Israeli soldier who was recently killed in Gaza.


The image they pulled from Facebook was of Ryan Dunn – a deceased reality star and stuntman from MTV's "Jackass"

Below is the image from Getty Images that NZ Herald pulled from Guy Boyland's Facebook page.

The NZ Herald website quickly corrected the image mistake on the online version of the story and also issued a statement regarding their error.
An incorrect photo was used to illustrate this article in the print edition of today's Herald. The photo used on the front page was of late actor Ryan Dunn. The Herald apologises to the Boyland family and to our readers for the error.

Apparently, the mistake happened when the news team decided to pull the image from Facebook without contacting Boyland's family for a photo. Boyland probably posted the photo of Dunn because they bare a slight resemblance to each other and people have probably told him at some point he looks like the of the two people and he was probably posting it out of jest.

Let this be a lesson to all. Check your sources before grabbing images from social media!

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