A Calgary man is upset after police allegedly deleted photos he took of an arrest on Sunday afternoon.

Freelance photographer Robert Thivierge was on his way home after taking photos of the Fiestaval Sunday and along 8th Avenue and 1st Street he said he saw four police officers arresting a man and began snapping photos.

“Then an officer approached me and said I couldn’t leave with photos and I wasn’t allowed to keep them and they were demanding I delete them or lose my camera for a year,” Thivierge said.

Thivierge said a debate with officers began, and they demanded he delete the photos, but because of a glitch with his camera he was able to keep two photos that he later uploaded to his Flickr account. “I didn’t think they were doing anything wrong, the only thing that made me suspicious is the fact they were demanding I delete them.”

Calgary police spokesperson Kevin Brookwell said he was aware of the incident but was waiting to speak to the officers involved for their side.

“Basically, we have no legal authority to stop people from taking photos in a public area or no authority to delete the photos,” Brookwell said, noting that if they were needed for evidence they would acquire the photos and return the camera or memory card to the owner.