The lingerie extravaganza airs Tuesday on CBS. We dodged blowdryers to steal a few moments with key players as they were primping. How do they get those ridiculous bodies? Intense workouts and cake control.


Lily Aldridge

How did you get ready for the show?

Health is my priority because I’m still nursing my daughter. I ate organic proteins and vegetables and I’ve worked out a lot during nap-time, so I can still be with her. I’ve worked really really hard and I’m proud of what I’ve done and that I’m healthy. I hope I can be a good example for other women.

What are your workouts like?

I started six weeks after my daughter was born and I did really hard training. Then two months ago I started doing double training a day. I started doing Pilates twice a day. I worked with a ballerina, Mary Helen Bowers, and she taught me all the moves ballerinas do to get ready for a show. It’s all about long and lean and we do that for an hour and a half a day, sometimes twice a day. I’m excited to not have to work out for awhile now.

What kind of underwear to do prefer?

I like cute cotton undies.

Adriana Lima


Models Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn reportedly ate pizza and KFC hours before the show. Would you want to scream if they ate in front of you, or join them?

Ha! I’m a little bit older than them. But regardless of age, I’m really aware of the fact that you are what you eat.

Are you saying they’re going to turn into a giant pizza or a chicken wing?

Maybe not right now but they’re going to see the results in the future, when they get old. It depends what they eat but they may have problems with cholesterol or diabetes, I don’t know. I just like to eat healthy. I have two children and I’m concerned about their health. I’m their example. I don’t want my 3-year-old asking me “Mama, I want chocolate for lunch.” Cake is festive, it’s not something you should eat everyday.


Alessandra Ambrosio


What part of your body are you most proud of?

My legs — always. They’re the easiest part to work out. Abs are always hard and I had a baby six months ago so it’s extra work there.

After the show what are you going to indulge in?

Definitely a big dessert like a big sundae ice cream.

Miranda Kerr

All everyone wants to know is what you’re eating.

[Right now] green juices I get from Pressed Juicery. It’s got spinach, kale, cucumber and lemon.

Is that breakfast?

I had eggs for breakfast with avocado. For lunch I’ll have some grilled chicken or grilled fish with spinach and a protein shake in between.

What part of your body are you most proud of right now?

I’m proud that my skin is good.

What type of underwear do you prefer?

I really love wearing a g-string bodysuit. I think that can really give you an edge because no one knows what’s underneath.

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