PHOTOS: Bieber gets naked with guitar, plays songs for grandma

Rock on, dude.


We've seen Justin Bieber in a number of strange situations before. From his speeding through his neighborhood in a Lamborghini, taking a bathroom break in a restaurant kitchen, or taking a fan's iPhone and jamming it down the front of his pants, JB gets his fair share of criticism and media attention. Some people are tired of his antics, while others are amused by his behavior.


For his next trick, you'll get to see a butt-naked Bieber holding a guitar and smiling gleefully into the camera. And for an added bonus, naked JB serenades his grandmother at the front door of her home.


These photos were obtained by recently, but were taken at his grandmother's home on Thanksgiving Day, 2012, when he was spending some time there.


What's next, JB?

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