It's National Mutt Day!

Every year on July 31 and December 2, we celebrate mixed breed dogs. Animal welfare advocate Colleen Paige started the holiday in 2005. She is also the creator of National Cat Day and National Puppy Day.

National Mutt Day was created to celebrate and raise awareness of the mixed breed dog population.

To learn more about National Mutt Day, visit


To honor this special day for very special dogs, Metro has rounded up some of the best dog photos on Instagram. Mutts need love too!

We celebrate this mutt everyday, but here's some extra celebration ??? on National Mutt Day. #nationalmuttday #brimleyskullface

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#nationalmuttday you say? I love this mutt

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It's #NationalMuttDay! And guess what! I'm a mutt!! Whenever we are out and about, I get 2 questions over and over... "what kind of dog is that?!" "How old his he?!" Everyone always see's the pug part in my face and my colouring but they never guess the Shih tzu part.(believe me, the shih tzu part really comes out when I'm super fuzzy!) We find ppl either love or hate pugs, which MA can't understand. How can you "hate" a face that's nearly always smiling at you?! But, for Ma, if ever there were a mix that made the most beautiful puppy for her, I am it; Pugzu. I have a puppy face forever, plus being a tiny guy helps out in the department. Growing up amongst oodles of Alaskan Malamute puppies, Ma swore she would invent a serum that would keep them puppies forever! And.. Bam! Ma's first dog, Me, fit the bill! So if being a #Mutt means, I'm a perfect, non-shedding, squishy-faced, curly-tailed, fawn fuzzy pug. And I'm perfect for MY Ma, than I'm wearing my #Muttness proudly! Happy #NationalMuttDay everyone! #Embraceit! #Ownit #YouDoYou #somebodylovesyou and if all else fails... know that I love you. We Mutts must stick together! #MuttsArePplToo ?

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Apparently it's #nationalmuttday so you know I've got to rep my love #ibbstagram.

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#fbf when #panda actually looked like a panda ? then he went and changed on me! Lol #nationalmuttday #puppy

A photo posted by M. Martinez (@marianne__93) on

National Mutt Day aka Stunning Sato Day!!! #satostrong #nationalmuttday

A photo posted by The Sato Project (@thesatoproject) on

Happy #NationalMuttDay to @biggestlilstinkerintx !! ❤️??

A photo posted by krollerblades (@krollerblades) on

Happy #nationalmuttday to my little shithead ? chihuahua-papillon-pomeranian ❤️?

A photo posted by Kaylee Hill (@kayhillls) on

July 31st, 2015 #nationalmuttday

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