target-photoshop-fail-1 Credit: Imgur

Well, that was embarrassing.

These days, Photoshop fails have become common in the advertising world. Whenever they are spotted, the images spread like wildfire, causing the retailer or ad agency to quickly remove them. This time, Target is responsible for the Photoshop blunder.


In Target's latest Photoshop fail, the retail website features photos of teen models wearing the Xhilaration Junior’s Midkini 2-Piece Swimsuit in leopard print. Whoever edited the photos was apparently trying to enhance the model's thigh gap but did a terrible job in Photoshop: Parts of the woman's crotch have been removed and edited with harsh lines that make it look like it was done in Microsoft Paint.

The questionable photos have been removed from Target's website, but thanks to blogs and new sites on the web, they will live forever.

Check out these botched Photoshops for yourself:


alt="target photoshop fail teen swimsuit 2014"

target photoshop fail teen swimsuit 2014

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