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PHOTOS: Zombies vastly improve engagement shoot

While zombies aren't a typical ingredient for engagement photos, this couple has managed to break the mold by creating a shoot that is definitely worth showing the grandkids someday.

To hell with holding hands on the path of an enchanted forest or canoodling during a sunset on the beach.

This couple has redefined engagement photos, rescuing friends and family from boring slideshows and obligatory "you-guys-are-so-cute" comments. The shoot, posted by a blogger on weddingbee, starts normal enough, showing the couple looking lovingly into each others eyes, seemingly unaware of the visitor about to crash their little picnic.

Suddenly they turn and spot something in the distance. No, it's not a shooting star. It's a zombie. That's right-- a zombie. Luckily, they were armed with the usual picnic-in-the-meadow essentials of a 9-inch knife (with a wrist strap, by the way) and a shovel.

The strength of their love, as well as their weaponry, is enough to overcome the undead intruder. They end the shoot with an endearing show of affection in the form of a radical high-five.

Something tells us these kids are gonna make it....

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