TTC asks riders on fare hikes versus service reductions



The TTC is surveying riders to see if they would be willing to pay more to travel the better way, or would prefer service cuts to higher fares or a tax increase.

The transit authority is facing massive cutbacks after being ordered by the city to eliminate $30 million from this year’s operating budget and a projected $100 million from next year’s.

The TTC has already cancelled a service expansion due to kick in this fall, which included adding 100 buses. Options still on the table, it says, are closing the Sheppard subway, eliminating 37 underused bus routes and reducing service on 28 others.

If the TTC does have to trim another $100 million next year, those services will be lost anyway, chair Adam Giambrone said yesterday.

Mayor David Miller ordered the cost-cutting following a budget review earlier this summer, after a majority of councillors voted to defer approving new taxes that the mayor was sponsoring to solve a $356 million funding gap.

The TTC is surveying riders online and on the system. People can fax in the completed forms or drop them in collection boxes on station platforms over the next two weeks.

Not in favour

  • Giambrone said he doesn’t favour service cuts because that would shrink the system to the level of the 1990s, when ridership plummeted.