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“Right, I’m off to bed.” The question is, what exactly are you getting into?

“Right, I’m off to bed.” The question is, what exactly are you getting into? A luxurious Vi-Spring bed? Or perhaps a frightful, spongy creation that landlords lovingly provide for students?

Thinking about beds may seem like a trivial thing, especially if you consider a pal’s sofa an ideal resting spot.

However, as renowned London back specialist Noël Kingsley explains, “The lack of support from sleeping on poor mattresses can cause the spine to twist, shorten or even lead to lumbar back pain and the pinching of nerves in the upper thoracic spine.”

So, with those rather crippling comments in mind, let’s find out what lies beneath one’s slumbering self.

Lucy Helmore, the buyer for beds and furniture at the world-famous department store Harrods, advises that the finest mattresses are packed with variable compositions of “horsetail hair, Shetland wool, bamboo, cotton, cashmere, latex and steel springs. Generally, I would avoid man-made materials because they’re not as breathable.”

However, there is one exception and that’s the space-age memory foam mattress.

The plus side of this rather cerebral-sounding bed-fellow are that, “it moulds perfectly to the body and remains stable even if you are sleeping next to a wiggly partner. But beware. Memory foam can make for a rather hot night!” explains the buyer.

It’s obvious but if you invest more money into a bed, you will guarantee not just a finer product but you’ll also wake up refreshed and well-rested.

If you have ever wondered how royals and the super-rich sleep at night, look no further than the Vi-Spring Majesty priced for around $111,400 — that’s the same as a premium car or a holiday home in a former Soviet bloc.

While most of us can only dream of drifting away on the Majesty, we’ll probably have to settle for an inferior high-street king or queen size bed.

But why the regal name? “Historically, the bedroom was where royals conducted business,” Helmore says.

It’s rumoured that kings literally got into bed together to seal deals. Yes, the royals have always kept things cosy but they were right about one thing and that’s the importance of a bloody good bed.

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