While the Polaris Prize isn’t as well-known as the Junos, winning – and sometimes nominated – musicians still see record sales rise, increased attendance at shows, and more than a few winning artists tell me that the international media always bring it up.

Knowing this is a big responsibility for jurists — so many Canadian albums come out every year and picking bands is no easy feat. Here a few of the records that I chose on my short list ballot. They’re all albums you should listen to right now.

Shad, TSOL
Born in Kenya and raised in London, Ont, the 28-year-old rapper’s charm lies in his ability to fuse thoughtful rhymes with a sense of humour. The song A Good Name, off this, his third and best record, encapsulates all that’s great about this disc.

Hannah Georgas, This is Good
A lot of solo artists send me bad records. But, as soon as I popped Georgas’ debut record on I was floored. The Vancouver-born singer-songwriter has mastered the indie pop hook — her songs are loaded with infectious choruses, sweet melodies and charm.


Ghostkeeper, S/T
Calgary five-piece Ghostkeeper should be the definition of a Polaris Music Prize-nominated act — they push boundaries, take risks and, most importantly, make good music.

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