To any serious traveller the, Northern Lights are simply a ‘must-do-before-you die’ deal.


They’re on the same list as trekking to Machu Pichu, losing your shirt in Vegas, and rolling your own in an Amsterdam coffee bar as a 100 per cent travel no-brainer.


Metro’s pick of the places to see them are:


Tromso, Norway
Why: The almost complete lack of daylight just makes things more surreal.
Where: Tromso Grand Nordic Hotel
Cost: $120 per night


John o’Groats, Scotland
Why: Seclusion and scotch. The village is at the top of Britain and perfect for Highlands exploration.
Where: Far North Cottage at Dunnet Head, CaithnessCost: Seven days $300

Murmansk, Russia
Why: Dripping in Soviet-era history and still the main naval base of Russia’s Northern Fleet. Not pretty, but very iconic. It is very very cold so prepare for the trip extremely well.
Where: Park Inn Poliarnie Zori
Cost: From $100