Andy Clark/Reuters


Crown witness Andrew Bellwood arrives for the trial of accused serial killer Robert Pickton in New Westminster yesterday. Bellwood was an acquaintance of Pickton and worked for him for a time.

Accused serial killer Robert Pickton described how he killed prostitutes after having sex with them and used his pigs to help dispose of the remains, a New Westminster court was told yesterday.

Prosecution witness Andrew Bellwood, who lived briefly at Pickton’s farm, testified that Pickton showed him handcuffs and play-acted as he described stroking their hair and telling them everything would be OK, “it’s over now.”

“While he was telling me this story it was almost as if there was a woman on the bed,” Bellwood told the court, testifying about a conversation he said they had in Pickton’s bedroom in early 1999 while watching television.

Bellwood said Pickton told him that after butchering the dead women in the farm’s slaughterhouse, he fed some of the remains to his pigs. Any remains the pigs did not eat were put into a container and taken to an animal-rendering plant.

Pickton, 57, is accused of killing 26 women who disappeared from Vancouver from the late 1980s until late 2001, shortly before his arrest at his farm in nearby Port Coquitlam in February 2002.

This trial deals with six of the women.