Arron Barberian was putting the garbage out at his downtown restaurant one evening early this month when a couple of Toronto bylaw inspectors walked by and told him: Sorry, no collection tonight.

That was the first Barberian had heard that the city was cutting back its collection of trash, recyclables and organic waste from twice a week to once in commercial areas.

Not all businesses in Toronto get municipal pickup; many must pay for private service. But many areas with stores on the ground floor and apartments above do get municipal service. And they’re just waking up to the fact that pickup has been cut.

Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker, who heads the city’s works committee, says Barberian and others who have complained simply have to get used to the new system, just as householders had to get used to blue, grey and green bins. “Give it six months. I don’t think we’ll have a single complaint,” he says.

Barberian disagrees. “It’s not healthy, it’s not right. It doesn’t help the city,” he says, adding most businesses have no place to store garbage for a week at a time.