Refuel Restaurant
1944 West 4th Ave.

Rating: ** 1/2
Low $: Dry aged beef burger $15.50
High $: Three-course prix fixe menu $35

It’s gorgeous out. What better way to take advantage than to have a picnic lunch?

With that in mind, I ordered up the summer fried chicken picnic ($18) from Refuel Restaurant in Kitsilano.

The concept is great: a take on cold leftovers. It comes with drink. The containers and utensils are biodegradable.

And you can call ahead so no waiting. That’s what I loved. But the food needs work.

The chicken’s coating is dry and needs more salt. Three other people who tasted it reached the same consensus. Once you get to the meat, it’s moist and flavourful.

Turns out all the salt and fat are in the biscuit that comes with the meal. A few bites and I’m done.

Best part: the coleslaw, one of three sides you can pick. It’s dressed with oil, vinegar and mustard instead of mayo. It’s sour and crunchy and I like it.

Unfortunately it’s not enough to jolt the rest of the meal back to life.

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