Natural lighting

“Turn off your flash,” says pro Carly Abbott, who provides all the tips here. “It is an enemy. It flattens everything. Go outside or in a room with great window light. If the noonday sun is bright, head into the shade where there is no glare — and no squinting.”

Forget posing, just play

It’s a general rule that kids hate a photo shoot. You do get the rare ham who loves to pose, but it often gets goofy. I prefer to let kids play in a familiar environment and catch them having fun. If kids are having fun, they will most likely grace you with a smile.

Don’t forget the background

Your child may look like the Gerber baby, but the eye will immediately be drawn to the chainlink fence and trash can behind her. Funky coloured walls, pretty blankets and nature can all be wonderful accents.

Get an SLR

There are wonderful point-and-shoot cameras out there, but to get truly great results, nothing beats a digital SLR. And the market these days is full of affordable consumer cameras. Throw it on the portrait automatic setting to start, or get brave and play with it in manual. You will truly see a difference.


Call in a pro

Obviously, only Brangelina have paparazzi covering every family outing. And though these tips will improve your photos nothing beats the images you will get with a professional. So, sometimes, for new births, birthdays, etc., give one a call. The shoot will be fun, and last forever.

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