Flying Piggy’s Bistro Italiano
1665 Bank St.
(613) 526-4900

Rating: ** 1/2

Dinner for two with drinks: $60
Signature Dish: Pasta

What is it about Italian food that everyone loves? Is it the carbs? The rich sauces? The comfort of having grown up on macaroni and cheese (homemade or, if you were unlucky, Kraft Dinner). Regardless, it’s a crowd-pleaser and restaurant money-maker.

Flying Piggy’s is a typical busy (and noisy) Ottawa Italian restaurant with a menu that features the regulars: antipasti, insalate, pasta and meat entrées.

We started with the Antipasto for two ($16.50), which turned out to be a plate brimming with a variety of meats, provolone, brie, smoked salmon, olives, marinated vegetables, along with a tasty crisp cracker and fresh, soft rolls on the side. It was hearty enough to fill us up, but offered nothing memorable.

The Flighty Boar ($15) came with a rich but satisfying sauce of white wine and cream drizzled over prosciutto, mushrooms and fresh fettuccine. The Scallops Con Basil ($17.50) was less stunning with its overcooked bivalves and mild-mannered sauce that required a heavy dose of pepper and parmesan for punch.

To finish, we ordered the Flourless Chocolate Cake ($8) claiming to be decadent but was fresh from the refrigerator and tasted a touch stale.

Flying Piggy’s is a get-out-of-the-kitchen, have-someone-cook-for-you, sip-a-glass-of-wine, eat-loads-of-carbs kind of place. Though whimsical, this little piggy is a bit tired.

Dining out

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Casa Do Churrasco A humble, little Portuguese restaurant sits just on the fence of the Byward Market. Their menu is filled with a variety of options. 190 Dalhousie St. (613) 241-2743.?

In brief
CLINK and drink pink at an evening of rosé wines next Wednesday, 7 p.m., at Exposure Gallery — 2nd Floor at Thyme & Again Creative Catering Shop. Tickets are $75/person.

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