If you thought pillow menus in hotels were over the top, how about customized mini-bars?


The Catalina Hotel and Beach Club in Miami’s South Beach is offering themed mini-bar packages for US$50 each and up. Forget pretzels and tiny bottles of vodka; the hotel is calling this deal “Pimp Your Fridge.”

You’ll actually get that bottle of vodka in the Rock Star mini-bar, which also comes with Krispy Cremes and Red Bull. For the morning after, you get Visine, Alka Seltzer, a chilled eye mask, and Gatorade. You get a pack of cigarettes with that too, but there’s no smoking in the hotel, so you’ll have to step outside to light up.

The Get It On mini-bar package includes edible body paint, champagne, whipped cream, maraschino cherries, strawberries, scented candles and oil and a Barry White CD.

The Sweet Tooth mini-bar has chocolate goodies, while the Nostalgia mini-bar will take you back to your youth with fruit roll-ups, candy cigarettes and a cheese-like substance in a spray can.

The Munchie Mania mini-bar runs sweet to salty, with Cheetos and cheesecake, while the Schizo mini-bar is good and bad — something fruity, something fattening, Tylenol and Red Bull.

Visit www.catalinahotel.comor call 305-674-1160. Nightly room rates start at around US$130. The mini-bar packages must be reserved in advance.

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