Rosé wines are as fresh as white, nourishing as red

Rosé is the fastest growing category of wines at the LCBO. Pink is hot! And who is drinking all this rosé? Me, for one, but it appears that once converted, rosé fans drink more and more of the stuff. It becomes addictive.


I could certainly survive the summer on dry rosé. Note I mentioned the word dry. Unlike blush wines, which are more like coolers or juice, dry rosés are legit wines — on par with good whites or reds. What’s great is they deliver the refreshment of white and the nourishment of red. Handy, eh? Another advantage of liking dry rosé is that good bottles can be had for $10 to $12.


My first of this season was the delicious, zesty, fruity, drink-anytime ’06 Henry of Pelham. It comes with a handy screwcap. Another likable, but different local is the ’06 Gamay Rosé from Reif. Off-dry and shades of a fruit punch — great for family gatherings.


Star of the season so far is Torres ’06 de Casta from Spain. It’s as good as it gets in the rich, Mediterranean style. Grilled meats of seafood with this one. And what a value. Screwcap, too. Another bargain for summer meals on the patio is the newly arrived ’06 vintage of JeanJean. This Syrah Rosé is tasty, fruity, and with a little spice. And a little richness to partner your supper. A nice hit of the south of France. This rosé is available year round, and is sporting a new label.


Be sure you get the ’06 vintage of these wines.

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HENRY of PELHAM 06 Dry Rosé


LCBO No.: 613471

Price: $12.15



LCBO No.: 669366

Price: $10.95



LCBO No.: 619916

Price: $11.15



LCBO No.: 355347

Price: $9.65