Yet another incident of food tampering at a southwest Calgary Co-Op has the grocer warning shoppers to remain vigilant in checking food items bought from the store.

For the fourth time this year, metal pins were found in food by employees before the Oakridge Centre location opened on Thursday during a routine check, this time in packaged deli cheese items and flatbread, according to police.

Co-Op spokesperson Sara Boutron said security has been increased at the store, but was limited in details because she didn’t want to compromise the police investigation.

“From our perspective, it’s obviously quite alarming. We’re urging our customers to remain vigilant and careful when looking at their product,” Boutron said.

“This is their centre. This is where they shop. It’s part of their community and they don’t understand why someone would do this.”

Most shoppers approaching the Co-Op Thursday agreed with Boutron and offered their support, including the Markopoulos couple.

“I can’t believe anyone would do this. It’s ridiculous, I just don’t get why. But this is a great store, and we have been coming here for 20 years,” they said.

Sgt. Don Coleman confirmed police have dedicated officers on the investigation, but wouldn’t tip his hat to any possible leads.

“We have been working diligently on this. It concerning anytime the public is put at risk,” he said.

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