Robert Courtney was aboard a small sealing boat in the Gulf of St. Lawrence two weeks ago when he alleges the crew of the Farley Mowat came dangerously close to him and his crew.
“They came within 20 or 30 metres of our small 19-foot boat; we had guys out on the ice retrieving seals and they busted the pads of ice under their feet,” he said.
When the Canadian Coast Guard vessel and the Farley Mowat collided, the coast guard was just trying to protect the sealers, he said.
“They (sealers) just barely made it back to the boat but they were pretty near in the water.”
Paul Watson, who heads the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, posted bail at the Sydney courthouse yesterday for the captain and first officer of the Farley Mowat which was overtaken by RCMP officers Saturday.
Canadian author Farley Mowat was later revealed to be the source of the bail money. He vowed to help defend the men after what he called their “atrocious” arrests.
The society maintains, that it was the coast guard ship that confronted the Mowat.
Watson said Sunday that the coast guard’s storming of the Sea Shepherd vessel was tantamount to piracy.
He presented clerks at the Sydney courthouse with $5,000 worth of toonies for Cornelissen’s bail saying it was a “pirate’s ransom” for an act of piracy.