Texas woman told Post she's pissed she was areested at Ground Zero for carrying guReuters

She served her country in the United States Marines, but now a Texas tourist is in a mess of trouble for showing up to the 9/11 Memorial locked and loaded.

Elizabeth Anne Enderli, 31, had a concealed weapons permit and even asked security where she could store her 9mm and .380 caliber pistols, cops told Monday's New York Post.

For her honesty -- and for not realizing the permit from gun-friendly Texas is worth diddly squat in gun-fearing New York -- she got tossed in jail Saturday.

“This whole thing is, pardon my language, bulls–t,” the woman's close friend, Aimey Richardson, told The Post at the arraignmrent in Manhattan Criminal Court.


She said she and Enderli always have their weapons on the ready.

In the morning, "our husbands don’t give us a hug and a kiss, they pat us down to make sure we’re armed,” she said.

“We’re not allowed to go out without them.”

Enderli served her country in Kuwait in 2004.

Her husband was reportedly at a National Rifle Association meeting when his wife was tossed in the klink.

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