Protecting women from date-rape drug failing: Critics

The Liberals’ much-touted attempt to protect women from having their drinks spiked with a date-rape drug has been a "dismal failure," critics said yesterday after only a handful of the province’s 17,000 licensed establishments applied for licences that allow women to take their drinks to the washroom.



More than a year ago, the Liberals modernized the Liquor Licence Act, giving bars and restaurants the option to license their hallways and washrooms so women could keep their drinks with them at all times.


At the time, the government predicted there would be a wave of applicants that would "protect women from being victimized."

But a year later, less than one per cent of the province’s 17,000 licensed establishments — 982 in total — have applied for the expanded licence.

Minister of government services and consumer services spokesman Greg Dennis said the program is off to a "pretty good start."