The fifth graders of North Haven elementary school will have a new classroom for the next week, and this one will be located in city hall.

Plan It Calgary started to teach the students at the city hall classroom Thursday, on how their individual voice and ideas can help improve the city.

“I think the impact of this program will be huge,” said Dick Ebersohn the students’ teacher for the next week.

“The feedback we received from the students even before I started my presentation was that they see a different future for themselves.”

“We are really excited to come here today,” said student Jillian Hogan, and before she could finish her sentence classmate Taylor Dowling chimed in with “Yeah, really, really excited.”

“They’re teaching us what’s going to happen (to Calgary) in the next 60 years,” said Jillian.

Even though the class just started the students already had ideas on how to make Calgary a better place going into the future.

“I think we should have electrical cars instead of gas cars,” said Jillian, while Taylor suggested, “I think we need more pathways so people can walk more.”

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