VANCOUVER, B.C. - Police will be allowed to fingerprint people who haven't even been charged under changes proposed to the Criminal Code today by the Conservative government.

In Vancouver to announced the amendments, Trade Minister Stockwell Day says only those accused of serious, indictable offences would be fingerprinted and photographed before charges are laid.

Day says that will allow for a faster charge process, and if the person isn't eventually charged they would have the right to ask that the pictures and prints be destroyed.

The government also wants to make it an offence for people to run from an arrest warrant by jumping from one province to another.

As well, the amendments would give police greater access to warrants over the telephone, allowing them to get search and seizure warrants 24 hours a day.

Abbotsford, B.C., Police Chief Bob Rich says the changes are simple, but allow the system to function more easily so police can get on with crime fighting.

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