Every Thanksgiving, we humans are faced with worries as big as the feast. Will we survive another visit from our in-laws? Will our team stop breaking our hearts and win a game for once? In all the commotion one thing we might forget is our pets. Follow these tips to keep them safe next week (and no, sorry, we can’t help with the uncle passed out on the lawn).

1 All that turkey and sweet potato pie may be delicious, but it can be deadly for your pooch. Fatty table scraps can give your dog pancreatitis, while turkey bones can splinter and tear your pet’s digestive tract. Even a raisin can cause kidney failure. Remember to let guests know the rules on treats, too.

2 We all want the house festive for guests, but excessive decorations can be dangerous. Make sure all wires are taped down or out of reach so your pooch doesn’t chow down on a loose cable.

3 If you’re having company over, it’s important that your dog has identification on its tag and collar. Because family and friends will be coming in and out, the furriest family member might slip out through the door. If your pet has a tracking chip, that’s even better.


– Wendy Diamond is a pet lifestyle expert, author, animal rescue advocate and editorial director of Animal Fair magazine, www.animalfair.com


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