While demand for NHL playoff ticket sales are through the roof in Vancouver, the same can’t be said for St. Louis where the mascot has been sent to the roof to attract attention.

Kingsley Bailey of Vancouver Ticket and Tour Service resells season tickets to Canucks games.

“There’s never enough tickets especially for the playoffs in this city,” Bailey said. “We are just trying to secure and source out as many tickets as we can.”

In St. Louis, the Blues’ bear mascot, Louie, is camping out on the roof of the Scottrade Center until the first home game is sold out. Even with tickets starting at $20 US, and $11 US for season-ticket holders, seats are still available in the Missouri city. Top seats go for $237 US.

In Vancouver, however, box office prices ranged from $102.50 to $401.50 and were virtually sold out within minutes. Additional tickets were added yesterday afternoon.

In the resale market, Bailey said prices are climbing, with tickets for Game 1 already going for $175 to $500.

“Easily we’ll go up more than that because I anticipate a huge and strong demand.”

Part of the reason for the excitement, Bailey said, is the strong manner in which the team entered the post season.

“They’ve made the playoffs in the past and first rounds have been absolutely atrocious,” he said.

“(This year) they made the playoffs, winning the division.”

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