As long as the Canucks keep on winning, Vancouver bars will keep on scoring.

Every playoff round involving the home team means up to $20,000 in profit, according to Dan Wood, owner of Yagger’s on Pender Street.

“We’re thinking about 70 per cent of sales will be from the drafts alone,” Wood said.

Tim Murphy, general manager at The Shark Club on West Georgia Street, said he’s doubled his beer delivery from Molson — bottles and kegs.

“We’re expecting full guest capacity and a lineup outside, which means close to 400 people,” Murphy said. “We’re expecting to see a 40 to 50 per cent increase in revenue on game days.”

Jesse Ritchie, owner of the Score on Davie, said the last year has been the most difficult financially. It changed in the two weeks leading up to the playoffs when business suddenly spiked.

“It’s been getting busier now,” Ritchie said yesterday. “If last week was a sign, then we’re hoping to double our revenue.”

Ritchie is also buying tables and chairs to increase the bar’s capacity by 15 per cent and staff will wear Canucks jerseys during games.

“If all goes well, the playoffs will be bringing more people into the city who wouldn’t normally come here to celebrate,” he added.

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