Re: “Kids know the score about work,” reader’s letter, Feb. 23:


In response to Jim Aiken’s letter expressing his opinion on the construction industry, it is clear that he is not fully informed about the earning potential of skilled tradespeople.


I have been a plumber for over 25 years, and for the last 10 I have also taught plumbing to apprentices. A licenced plumber in Toronto is easily capable of earning over $75,000 per year and should the individual decide to open their own business, that income could well exceed six figures.


As to his allegation that all trades are union jobs, again the man is sadly misinformed. Although there is a large sector of construction that is union-regulated, there is also a large portion that in non-union.


Finally, Aiken should take a drive through Woodbridge over the summer — a fair number of the Ferraris he sees are owned by plumbing contractors.